Character Evolution

When I first started writing my book, I had a specific idea about who my character's were. Now that I am getting further and further into it, my main character, Lizzie, is totally evolving into someone else. It's so wierd that I lose control of her as soon as my fingers hit the keys. She's definately a free spirit.
Some of my other supporting roles are changing as well. They all seem to be set free as I type. Sometimes I sit down and not even know what I will be writing. I just start, and then the words just fall out. It is a wonder how I make anything make sense. haha It's been a blast though! I never know what I'm going to get. I'm even curious about how this book will end. :)

Don't Look at The Page Numbers!

I have found that the one thing that always seems to mess me up, is looking at the page numbers. It's amazing that I'm actually getting page by page done, but it is also distracting. I get nervous if I think that I'm not writing enough. I start to wonder if I'm telling enough detial, or if I'm describing things the way I need to. Wow, this book writing thing is really overwhelming.

One important thing to remember when writing a book:


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Much Love!

Book Writing 101

I was just sitting here wasting some time creating this blog, when I realized that I should writing. One thing I've learned so far is that I have to write everyday. If I don't, then I do nothing but think about what I should be writing. It is a complete take over of the mind. It's almost like my characters are screaming at me until I get what they want down on paper. I feel like I am living half my life in the present and the other half is stuck in the 1880's. This has really been an experience! I hope that I can get some work done today, so that my mind can be at peace tonight.

Much Love,