Finding an Agent ???

It's been interesting trying to find an agent to represent my first novel, Georgia. I sent out a query letter, a synopsis, and the first ten pages of my novel to my first choice agent two weeks ago. I have not heard anything from her so far, but I hope to soon. I have been unable to decide if I should send to multiple agents at one time. I've read pros and cons, so I'm just playing it by ear. I have heard that authors such as Stephanie Meyer had several rejection letters from agents, before finding one. This gives me a little hope. Of course, I hope that my first agent will fall in love with my manuscript, but I realize the absolute irrationality in that actually happening. All the same though, all I can do is hope for the best. I will keep y'all posted. Fingers crossed! :)

If there are any of you out there in the computer world that are in the same waiting game as me... stay positive. Be inspired and force yourself on to the next project.

Much love,
Vanessa K. Eccles

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