On my nightstand...

I always have found it interesting what books authors read, so I decided that I would let y'all know what books were sitting on my night stand right now. These are the books that I have not read yet, but am looking forward to reading in the near future.

We, unfortunately, do not have a book store here in the little border town that I live in (I know, what a shame, right?) Sometimes I wonder how I can stand living in a place without a decent coffee shop and a Barnes and Noble (my favorite book store in the world!!). But somehow I do it.

So, how do I get books? Good question. I order them sometimes, but usually I wait until I take a trip back home to Alabama. I load up there, which is the reason I have so many unread books sitting around. The last time I was home, I bought several books, half of which I've already read.

Being an avid reader must be a prerequisite to being a writer. They go hand-in-hand. I haven't been able to read as much as I normally do since I've been working on my second book. Time has not been on my side this past month, but I'm hopeful that them days are over. *fingers crossed* :)

I enjoy letting everyone know what I think about the books that I read, so stay tuned to get my thoughts on each of these. Of course, I don't believe I've ever read a bad book. I don't know if it's just that I'm good at picking out what I'm going to like when I read the cover, or what. But while I may have never read a 'bad' book, I certainly have read some dang near awesome ones. It also helps that I have a vast range of interest.

I am currently reading the first three books of R.A. Salvatore. I will also list my thoughts on these, once completed.

Read on, my friends!


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