Captivating written by John and Stasi Eldridge may very well be my favorite book. I get asked all the time who my favorite author is, and what is my favorite book. Well, here is my answer. Being as I write fiction, it may seem odd that my fav book is a Christian non-fiction. But I learned so much about myself, and I found it to be truly enlightening. This blog post is not about the book, but I just wanted to do some shameless advertising. ;)

I recently posted a comment on twitter stating, "Don't we all want to captivate our audiences the way that our characters captivate us?" I live by the thought of taking captive the thoughts and imaginations of my readers. This is my goal as a writer.

With that being said... to take captive your readers is a very powerful thing. If you read, then you have experienced a few books in your lifetime that took you away from this world and into another one. One of either fantasy, romance, humor, or mystery. You may have experienced the few times when a book keeps you up reading into the wee hours of the morning, and you find yourself yearning to read the next word and the next. I LOVE these books!

As writers, this is what we want! Most people don't realize it, but writers very often are just as taken by the characters as their readers. Unfortunately for us, most of the time our characters don't leave us alone until every word is out. I even find myself missing my characters when they are gone (crazy, right?). But it is the same way when you read that awesome book and you feel almost depressed when it's over. We feel it too.

I find that the word captivate is what motivates me with my writing. Captivate means to take hold of someone through their mind, heart, and spirit. It's stronger and deeper than if someone we're to bind you physically. It's inescapable! Undeniable! And utterly wonderful... 

I look forward to my opportunity to share my work with the world, and to see if my words can truly captivate.


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