My Christmas

My Christmas

It was the night before Christmas,

And as I look around,

Every pup is sleeping,

No one makes a sound.

My hubby is resting,

But I’m still awake.

Waiting patiently for tomorrow,

And thinking about the dishes I will make.

Presents decorate the floor,

Lights glitter in the dark.

The stars light up the sky,

Reminding us of how Jesus made His mark.

Gentle wind is blowing,

As I reflect on it all.

Why Christmas is Christmas,

He was born, and I am in awe.

For now the world seems perfect,

In it’s warm embrace,

But soon it will be over,

And reality we will face.

Christmas will soon be gone,

In January it will all fade,

But for now I will rejoice,

In the sacrifice that was made.

So… It was the night before Christmas,

And as I look around,

I thank God for His blessings,

And His love that I’ve found.

So before I lay my head down,

To fall asleep tonight,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas,

And a good night.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2009


Mrs. Quattlebaum said...

Vanessa I enjoyed your poem :)

Laura said...

What a blessed, heartfelt poem my dear friend. Wishing you all the best & more in the coming New Year...