Realm of Desire

"Isn’t it funny how we always think that things will be better if we have something else? Is the grass always greener? Or is the other side only full of scary creatures and a world of darkness?" -Sophie- The lead character in my new book, REALM OF DESIRE.

Curious yet? ;)


Prompt: Honor
Flash Fiction Challange

Dearest Love,

There’s so much that I want to tell you. I don’t think that it is possible to fit it all in a letter, so I’m sure that this won’t be the last.

Let’s start out with the two most important things. I love you. I miss you. There’s nothing in my life that I’ve found so far that can distract me, even temporarily, from those facts and feelings. You’ve been my best friend for years, and you are no doubt my soul mate. The piece that completes my puzzle, the moon in my night of stars, the sun that lights up my world; you are the love of my life. I know cheesy, right? I can’t help it. It’s like Shakespeare said, “My bounty is as deep as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.” My love for you is immeasurable.

You’ve been gone so long that I’m not sure where to start. My life has changed a little bit since the last time that we have seen each other. I did end up getting into the culinary school that we spent so much time applying for. I can’t believe it, can you? Thanks for all your help on that, by the way. Sugar, our sweetest pup, is doing great. She keeps me company on those lonely nights. She was the greatest birthday present that you’ve ever given me. All the family is doing well. Your mom is even doing better. She’s taking everything in stride. So, all in all things are okay.

Do you remember the first time we met? It was a cold winter day in the park, and I was completely lost. I had just moved to New York, and I’m sure it was painfully obvious. You were laughing as you approached me. You were so cute. Remember? I could barely speak when you came up. I thought that you had to be the most handsome man that I had ever seen. My heart had to of skipped a beat. We ended up sitting on a bench and talking all night long. Then we ate at that little diner on the corner, the one that we now have labeled ours. That was the most magical evening that I’ve ever had. That’s when it all began.

And what about our wedding day? You surprised me so much when you proposed, and instead of handing me a ring, you gave me plane tickets to Vegas. That was brilliant, I might add. You knew that I never had any desire to have a wedding, or to have to go through the nightmare of planning one. But I always thought how brave that was of you. What if I would have said no? Anyway, you knew I wouldn’t. That trip always makes me laugh when I think about the cliché of an Elvis impersonator marrying us.

I often find myself running through these memories in my mind. I’m trying to keep them alive because I never want to let go of any part of you. The day that you left me is the only day I wish I could forget. Kissing you good-bye at the door that morning is hard for me to recount. It was the last time that my lips would ever touch yours, and I hate myself for not making it linger longer. There are so many things that I would change. There are so many things I would do differently.

I wonder where you are and what you’re doing. I wonder if you’re happy, or if you’re alone. Are you some place warm or cold? Do you miss me? Will I ever see you again? There are too many questions. There are too many that won’t ever be answered.

I talk to God a lot now. He’s been the only man in my life for quite a while. He makes me feel like there is somewhere after this, which gives me hope that I’ll be seeing your sweet face again.

I can’t lie in saying that after you died I was strong. I wasn’t. I was devastated, broken, hopeless. I stayed in bed for weeks. I could barely breathe most of the time. It was horrible to have to bury the man of my dreams. The perfection of our love was a miracle. But with that miracle was a brief time line that has torn me apart.

I’m going by to see you this afternoon. I’m bringing roses this time. I’m also going to leave you this letter. As impossible as this may seem, I feel like you can read them. I need you to read them. It gives me peace to know that I’m finally able to tell you what I never had the chance to that say.

I just hope that no matter where you are you know that I loved you more than anything. Someday I know we will meet again. You were a gift from God, and I thank Him for you everyday. I am honored to have been your wife.

Eternally yours,


Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

Mattie Pearl

 My Granny and Grandpa
Mattie Pearl Dekel Bruce

The Sweetest Slumber


On one Monday night, in her sleep,

Mattie Pearl’s heart could no longer beat.

Tired and weary from all her days,

But tried and perfected in so many ways.

A golden heart as pure as snow,

Only the lucky ones had chance to know.

The radiant light that glowed from inside,

A life full of sorrow and love, both tied.

More life was lived in those years,

Than many will experience here.

The beauty of a humble soul,

That never knew any foe.

A laugh that lit up the whole room,

I remember the sweetest scent of her perfume.

Nothing like any other person I’ve ever met,

No one has even come close yet.

A fire for God, peaceful and sweet,

She was where faith and beauty meet.

As perfect as a human soul could get,

Held as much love as she could fit.

My sweet Granny, I will miss you so,

I was blessed to have known you, this I know.

And although you are gone away from me,

I will hold you in my heart where you will always be.

One day Mattie Pearl went to sleep,

And opened her eyes to a world of our Savior’s keep.

A marvelous place where she could rest,

A place she deserved, because she passed the test.

No suffering, no sorrow, no place for tears,

A reward for all her faithful years.

One day, my precious Granny’s number was called,

One day she had the sweetest slumber of all.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

Although I Am Thirsty ...

These beautiful flowers came up around the lake about a month ago. They were a solitary color in the vast aray of green and gray. It was just a reminder that something beautiful can come from the desert.

Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to grow in the area that I live, and God is continuing to show me that it is possible with His help. Just like these beautiful flowers, I will bloom with His love no matter where I am.

Getting Down To the Nitty Gritty...

Okay - So I have given myself a goal to finish novel number 2 by August 1st. That is a pretty stiff deadline for me, being as I'm only 126 pages through it so far. : / BUT I've got to kick myself into gear somehow.

I created a musical playlist to kind of get myself in the mood of my book. Writing a paranormal romance has turned out to be a little bit of a challenge for me. It's been hard to get my mind focused on the spooky things in life, but it has helped to listen to a list of songs during my initial writing process every day.

To meet my goal, I will have to write some ten pages a day! I'm not totally unrealistic! lol I know that this is a near impossible task. I just want to finish as much as possible. Oh- but it sure would be nice! :)

Wish me luck!

Just another lil something....

Why I Love Night…

In the midnight hour, I see,

The globe of light directly above me.

The only bright flash in the darkened sky,

Its very presence, I question why.

If dark were meant, then why the light?

Is it to offer us some sight?

But who needs sight during the time of sleep?

For the answer we must take a leap.

Read it with different eyes,

The ones that read between the lines.

A deeper meaning is bound to emerge,

One with spiritual insight and a Godly surge.

The only light in a darkened globe,

Is only reference for what we already know.

A daily reminder that His light helps us see,

In a world where darkness takes captives, we are free.

With no other known purpose for the moon, I must say,

That it’s nice to be reminded of The Way.

May the Lord always be the lamp to my feet,

May His word and light I always keep.

A light in the darkness, our God is to us,

Now I see why the moon is a must.

Now are you gaze upon it in the sky,

I pray you remember its purpose and why.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

Like A Flower

Like a flower I bloom,

A burst of color in the room.

Laced with leaves and petals,

I provide softness against the metals.

Bright and alive like a tree,

You’ve planted this life in me.

You water me with Your reign,

Providing purity and releasing stain.

Radiating I am in the meadow, so full.

Providing a way for others, using Your tool.

Dancing in the wind against the sky so blue,

I wonder what You did to make me more like You.

Ya see, this is the way I want to be,

A shining messenger for You, in me.

But I can’t seem to be that precious flower,

I’m like a seed looking up a tower.

Searching for soft ground to lay,

Me, the seed, searches day after day.

Your purpose for me is real, this I know.

I’m just waiting for that opportunity to show.

No matter what, this seed, will search for that door.

That door that will open and allow me to share You more.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

Like the wind I sway in mind,

Searching for and hoping to find,

Something that is unknown to me,

Happiness I hope it to be.

I’m like a buoy floating in the lake,

Back and forth for goodness sake.

I no longer want to be hot or cold,

Can’t I be warm and still live outside the mold?

Keeping in mind that failure may be apart of life,

All I need is to be a servant and wife.

No matter what dreams may have gone,

Those open doors were never shown.

I can kiss some hope good-bye today,

But I know that for my purpose You’ll provide a way.

No matter what all I need,

Is to find contentment in the life You feed.

I’m sorry, Lord, for my failing heart,

My solemn prayer is to find a promising start.

A start of life without failed dreams, what if’s, sadness, and regret,

One where Your dreams for me are met.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

Kute Lil Koala

Hi everyone, my name is KiKi the Koala.

Kiki is just another lil snuggly animal that I've made for fun. This was a free pattern that I found on Crochet Pattern Central. I'm using these free patterns in addition to some that I've purchased to get some good practice in, so that I can start writing more of my own patterns. These lil animals are too fun, and they make great lil gifts.



Never have I ever been so lost before,

That I’m unable to find refuge through any door.

No matter where I go, only despair I find,

I feel lost; I need help to keep a straight mind.

Desperation is showing its ugly face,

And anger is coming up inside, I can taste.

Is this how it has to be?

Is this the only way, really?

Well, be that as it may,

I’m still choosing to smile today.

No matter what happens, no matter how hard it gets,

I’m not going to waste my days complaining and throwing fits.

I know that things will turn out good, for those who follow the Lord,

So, I’ve got to just hang in there, and hope I can handle more.

You never promised things would be easy, only that I would make it through,

You never worried I wouldn’t make it, because I can find rest in You.

I just have to convince myself that happiness is a state of mind,

And hope that you lead me around corner, and there it I will find.

I will keep pushing through the grim, no matter how hard the rain,

Because I know no matter how hard the storm, Your shelter will remain.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010



This is something new for me, but I'm pleased with how they turned out. These lil books would be great for an artist who wants something unique to sketch it. They would also be good for someone who journals in a scrapbooking way. Pictures/stamps/stickers/fabrin pieces can all be glued inside. A memory book for a vacation/event will also be a good purpose.
They are 7in tall and 10in wide. And they are made out of recycled paper bags. I have painted the pages inside off white and peach - neutral colors, but they can be repainted to your choice. They are bound together using thick embroidery thread, in addition to hemp. They have 14 pages, including inside pages. The outside of the book can be painted/fabriced/or whatever floats your fancy. Have fun with it! :)
Please keep in mind that these were made out of USED paper bags, and they do have minor imperfections due to previous use. But that just adds to the character. :)
Business card holder's are available upon request.
Price is $10 and  includes 1 book.

Marley the Mushroom...

Hi, my name is Marley the Mushroom!

This is my first crochet stuffed pattern. He came about as a total accident. What started out a simple experiment, turned into this. I was just trying to play around with increasing and decreasing, and before I knew it I had his shroom finished. Then I had to figure out what I was going to do with it. After all, I didn't want to waste all that time... so I added a stem, some spots, and some eyes... and here he is. He kinda reminds me of the 1 UP on Super Mario Bros... or one of the Toadstools. I'm really pleased at how he turned out. I guess accidents aren't always bad things. :)

Meet Pinky...

Meet Pinky. He's cute and cuddly and perfect to get you in the Easter spirit! He is my FIRST crochet stuffed creation. This particular pattern I found on .
I have Pinky sitting on my shelf, and I'm looking forward to looking at him during this Easter season. I'm going to try my hand at making my own patterns for some lil crochet stuffies. And who knows? Maybe some of them will pop up in my shop soon. :)

Savannah, GA - My Favorite Place

Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: The Dance

“Are you scared yet?” Joe whispered as he came from behind to pull me close to him.


This was our first time in Savannah, and we were determined to have the best time possible. It was the big St. Patrick’s Day festival, and there were thousands if not millions of people there. Us and a few friends decided about a month ago to come.

We arrived early yesterday morning. We are only going to be here 3 days so we’ve planned every moment out. There were four bus tours that we wanted to take, and then, of course, was the haunted mansion tours that were a must.

Jill, Jonathan, Joe, and I walked all day today, it seems like. I’ve always been fascinated with everything and anything old, so being here is a real treat for me. We ate at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House restaurant for lunch and then we had dinner at an English pub. It was wonderful. We went on a few excursions today, but the best is yet to come. At midnight tonight we are going on a tour of the Sorrel-Weed House. We’re all really excited, but I must admit that I’m sort of afraid of that stuff.

As midnight approached, Savannah’s southern-happy-feel began to change. Without the sunlight illuminating the old buildings and alleys, everything looked much more old, dark, and scary. When we pulled up to park next to the mansion, the feeling of dread swept over me. The house stood tall and the general feeling of gloom hit me in a rush. On top of everything it started to mist outside. It wasn’t enough to classify as a sprinkle, but it was really playing a number on my curly hair.

“I’m nervous,” Jill said as we approached the back of the home.

The start of the tour begins in the carriage house, which in itself is pretty spooky to me.

“Don’t be scared, baby. I’m right here,” Jonathan said with a pervious smile on his face.

“Come on in, and take a seat in here,” the tour guide said as she led us into an adjoining room in the carriage house.

“This place freaks me out,” I whispered to Joe.

“It is kind of creepy,” he replied.

“We will begin our tour by taking a short stroll around the block,” the guide said.

We followed her out into the street, and around a park. We stopped and looked at a few mansions that were rumored to be haunted. One of which was the home in the movie Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil. The stroll was interesting, besides the mist. Jill and I took pictures all along, hoping to catch some ghostly image.

Then we were escorted back to the house, of which we were led into the basement. The guide didn’t tell us anything about the basement, we just moved right through it and went up the stairs. We were put into a room; I’m not sure what it was supposed to be used for. But we all stood there while the guide told us background about the past owner. Legends of voodoo, and dead wives, and suspicious accusations were told to us. It all seemed neat to me, but the validity of it was completely theory.

All of the sudden I started to feel a little sick. My stomach was churning, and I began to experience severe cramping. I went on about the tour for a few more minutes, hoping it would pass. It didn’t.

“Is there a restroom I could use?” I asked the guide.

“No, there’s one across the street they keep open,” she answered.

“I’ve got to go. I’ll catch back up with ya’ll,” I said as I flew out of there. I could hardly wait. I run through the rooms, back down the stairs to the basement, and out the back door, and across the street.

When I came out, I felt better. I must have eaten something bad earlier, who knows. I walked back to the house, and almost immediately when I stepped into the basement I began to feel sick again. I didn’t need to go to the restroom again. My stomach just felt uneasy. The basement was dark, pitch black, actually. There were no lights at all. All I could see was the stairs, which were illuminated by the lights on the second floor. I walked up in a hurry, and followed the same path that we took when we all came in. When I came to the living room or parlor area, I slowed down and peaked in. Something told me to not walk in the room, so I stood in the foyer just looking in. I couldn’t hear the guide or anyone, but then something caught my eye.

There was a huge mirror above the fireplace. I stared at it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and that’s when I saw it. I could see a person’s head and shoulders moving in the mirror. I looked around the room again, and there was nothing. But the person kept moving in the mirror. It was a woman. Her hair was pinned back in a fancy twist, she was gleaming. She looked happy, like she was having fun. At first, I couldn’t understand why she was moving in circles, but then I realized what it looked like. It looked like she was dancing.

I was in awe. I just stood there, frozen. I had never seen anything remotely paranormal, and here I was experiencing something that I would probably never experience again. After watching her for what seemed like forever, she turned to face the mirror. The happiness wore off her face, and she stared back at me with a somber look.

“Are you scared yet?” Joe whispered as he came from behind to pull me close to him.


*This story is fiction.
Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010
This is what really happened...
This is the basement to your left. There really were no lights at all. I couldn't see anything when I took this picture. The flash is the only source of light on this photo.
Below is the living area or parlor. See- it really does have a huge mirror on top of it. This room adjoins to another living area. They are only seperated by two incredibly large pocket doors. These doors were opened when the family had a large party, which they did very often.
If you're ever in Savannah, you need to take time out to visit the Sorrel-Weed house at night, late at night if you can. It really is something to see.
My husband and I visited here in December of last year. We had an awesome trip. Our first night there, we visited the Sorrel-Weed house. And it was sprinkling, dark, and midnight. There was only us and the tour guide that night. I became sick, really sick, when I first began our tour. I didn't leave to find a restroom. I would have never have been that brave, but I did have to stop the tour early. The guide told me that people get sick in the house all the time. I later spoke to a Savannah historian who verified that. The strange thing was that I felt fine as soon as I left. I took a lot of pictures in and around the house, and I got a couple of strange things in my photos. I've sent those photos to the Savannah historian as well as Sorrel-Weed website.
This was one of the strange photos. Some people see nothing, and others see it. You be the judge. I sent it to the Historian, and she saw exactly what I saw. You may need photo software to get a closer look. **Hint: look below the reflection of the flash.

Photos were taken by me and are (c) Copyright 2009-2010.

Finding Joy In the Simple Things...

I've been trying to keep myself busy for the remainder of this wintery season. It's been difficult, I might add. I am more than ready for spring and summer.

I have recently been visiting a few local antique stores because I've been in search of blue and white "made in England" plates that feature people and landscaping. I've had some luck, but not as much as I have hoped for. BUT what I did find last week, has brought me a new interest. I found these three large spoons, which could are probably small serving spoons. They are absolutely beautiful! I had no idea what they were worth, if anything, when they caught my eye in the store. They were taped together and for sale for a dollar (for all three). Crazy, huh?

So, anyway... I started doing some research and what I found out was amazing. These spoons are stamped WM Rogers. They also have a stamp on the back "Pat 1900." How neat is that? They are the York pattern, which I assume was popular because I was able to find others online. They are worth approx. $7.50 each, and I paid a dollar for all three. I've attempted cleaning them up, and they look better than they did. 

So that got me thinking... do I have any other old silverware? Yes! I do. And here it is to your right. This is an antique heirloom set that was given to me by my mother-in-law, and it was her mothers. It was in serious need of some polishing, so I spent hours last night polishing each piece, and this is what it looks like now. I wish that I would have taken a before picture, but coulda-shoulda-woulda, right? :) I started researching the brand of these, and I found out more neat information. The only marking on the back of the pieces is "Monarch Plate." I googled it, of course. And I found out that Monarch Plate was made by the National Silver Company, which was in prodution in the early 1900s until the 1950s. It took me hours to go through every known design to them to find out which design these were- they are the Mildred design circa 1936. They have a place for monograming, but they are not monogramed. Their worth, from what I research is about $150-175. They are in their origional box, from my knowledge, and they even have the original warranty certificate still with them. After doing all the reseach, it was thrilling to realize that there was value in something that I already had. I never would have guessed. I suppose, that goes to show you that Christmas can come at anytime during the year.

Question From Me...


Once in my sleep, I dreamed.

Of a life of perfection, or so it seemed.

A life so planned, with every detail.

That had life catching me if I fell.

It’s funny how these things work,

How dreams haunt you, forever they lurk.

College degrees, big house, and nice cars,

Lead to mortgages, debt, loans, and happiness afar.

Once upon a time, I thought.

Maybe I could be more than even what I sought.

I challenged myself with an education,

Only to find that it’s not always possible, even with determination.

Sometimes I wonder, my dear Lord,

Didn’t You give me these dreams to be more?

Or is this all a shadow of my ego?

A figment of mind, brought on by thoughts of long ago.

If it’s just me, and I’m not meant,

To be this person I want, and all my life spent.

Just let me know Your will,

I will wait for it, O’Lord, in the still.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c)Copyright 2010


The Rain


The kiss of rain,

Dancing on my cheek,

The moist stain,

Offers solace to the meek.

The enticing smell,

Puts a smile on my face,

It’s saying, “All is well.”

Flowers yearn for a taste.

Brown to green,

I can almost see the fade.

Sometimes the sun can be mean,

But rain provides the shade.

A much needed break,

From it’s brutal rays,

Sweet moisture it will take,

And hold onto during rough days.

Your Spirit pours Your love,

Down like the rain,

Quenching our thirst from above,

O’ how mighty You reign.

Thank You for thirsty days,

A time to endure,

Thank You for the rainy rays,

That gives me strength to seek You more.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010

New Year/New Goal:

2010 is flying by already, and although I may be a little late... I've decided to make some short term goals for myself. My husband has agreed to fund a trip to a Wrtiers Conference this summer IF and only IF I finish my second book. To be honest, I've been taking a little break from it, and this is just what I need to kick myself back into gear.

But here's the kick. Not only do I have to complete Book #2, but I have to have it edited. On top of that I have to have a query and synopsis written for it, and THEN I have to have a written proposal for Book #3! Woo... I've got a long road ahead, but I'm determined to make this happen. I'm very much goal oriented, so him giving me this little deadline is going to do me wonders.

I'm excited to get this ball rolling again. I've been working hard, and so far in the past three days I've written 5 chapters. I just hope I can keep it up!

Wish me luck! :)

A little More Info...

I've started to post a few short stories that I've written. All of them that I will post were written for Absolute Write's ( Flash Fiction Challenge, unless otherwise stated. It's a weekly challenge that a few members participate in on Sunday nights. They give us a prompt, it's usually a word or phrase. For there we have 90 minutes to write, edit, and post a short story. It's a think-on-your-toes type of deal. It's something that I've become really fond of. They are a lot of fun, and I some of them I will be sharing with all of you. Please remember that all writing is (c)Copyright 2009-2010 by me.

Another thing that I would like to add is that most, if not all, of the stories are inspirational. They are apart of a book that I'm putting together. So, I guess, you can consider them a sneak peak. :) They are all about 4 pages long or under 1,500 words. Most are quick and to the point, making them an easy read. They are fiction, but some are inspired by something in my life. Those stories with some real detail will be noted.

I hope that you enjoy them, and leave comments, if you like. I love to read them.

Vanessa K. Eccles

Absolute Write Flash Fiction Challenge

Prompt: Flood

I’m amazed at how much time I actually spend walking dogs. Let me see, each walk is anywhere between twenty and thirty minutes, and I do that about five times a day. How much of my life is that? Hold on. That’s approximately one hundred to one hundred fifty minutes A DAY walking dogs. That’s over 8% of my time each day! Do I really have nothing better to do than wait for my dogs to pee and poop, you ask? Sadly, it’s true.

As a matter of fact, right now I’m on one of those walks. After practically begging Coco to go, so we can get back inside to the air conditioning, I find myself looking up at the piercing blue sky. It’s really quite beautiful today, and I suppose this is one of the benefits to these walks.

In Texas sky is in abundance. Blue is a color that your furniture matches, because somehow the outside always flows in. Brush, cactus, and dirt are the only vegetation, and the land is quite unattractive. But the sky, the sky is always amazing. I think God gave us, Texans, the vast blue to make up for the lack of green.

Today feels different than most of those sunny days though. It’s still hotter than heck, but there’s a slight bit of humidity in the air. The smell of rain is a reminder of my childhood in Alabama, and instantly I feel excited for a change of pace. A change, maybe a storm or at least more than a half inch of rain.

Monotony is like a demon in my life, boring days that seems to run together like a string of pearls. No day is different than the last, and there never is anything to look forward to. But, I guess, it could be worse.

After their walk, I let all of them inside. I unhooked their leashes, took off their harnesses, took off my shoes, and collapsed on the coach. The heat is killer out there. As I stretch out to grab the remote, my phone rings.


“Did you hear about what happened?” my mama asked frantically.

“No. What are you talking about?” I could feel the hesitation grow in my voice.

“It’s the Twin Towers in New York, and the Empire State building. They ran planes through them. They’re expecting thousands to be dead. Oh my goodness, Mary, what if this is just the beginning of more attacks? Where will be next?”

I could hardly breathe. I felt my heart flutter with terror, sadness, and anger all at once.

“Turn on your television. I love you baby. Call me back,” Mama said as she hung up the phone.

I spent the next few hours watching people jump out windows and hearing screams that shattered my heart in two. For hours, I sat there watching the horror that my fellow citizens in my great country were feeling, and here I was. Helpless.

Something in me grew that moment. It was the first time in my life that tragedy struck my home…stuck my heart. The next several hours there was talk of terrorism and war, and our world seemed to be in chaos and despair. Everyone was afraid to go anywhere, and so was I. No one knew what would happen next.

What if this is the beginning of the end? What if we’ve went too far, and a world war is on our brink? With tears in my eyes and fear in my heart, I grabbed my Bible. I closed my eyes, and opened it. I set my eyes is the middle of the page.

I read, “The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma and said in His heart, ‘Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures as I have done.’”

And then, “Then God said to Noah, ‘I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you- the birds, livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you- every living creature on earth I establish my covenant with you.’

Then God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you, a covenant for all generations to come I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all the living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.” (Genesis 8:21, 9:8-10, 9:12-15 NIV)

And there I sat at the edge of my bed, with tears in my eyes not able to make sense of everything.

That’s when little Coco came to my side and whined. It was past time for their walk, and they had been more than patient. I got everyone ready, and I tried to prepare myself mentally to step away from the T.V.

I didn’t walk twenty feet before I looked up at the sky, and then I saw it. There peaking from the big Texas clouds was a rainbow, in its glorious wonder shining its beautiful colors down on the world… down on me.

I couldn’t help but stop moving, and I couldn’t help but marvel at it. Before my eyes I saw God- His remembrance of an ancient covenant with His sinful people. More tears appeared, and I fell to my knees. On the worst day of my young life, God was speaking to my heart. I could feel His words, “I see the flood of tears among my people, and I want to remind you that I am here, but remember that your life is eternal, an immortal, an everlasting soul.”

If I would have never taken my dogs out, I would have missed it. Now, 8% of my day feels less like a chore and more like an opportunity.

Confirmation in tragedy is what we all seek, and somehow- I don’t know why- but He chose to give it to me on that day. What happened on that awful day will never be forgotten by my generation, and I’m sure that there will be more awful events ahead of us. I just hope that in the midst of pain we can all take time to see the rainbows.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010

Now is the Time...


You reap what you sow,

Doesn’t everyone know?

We are who we are,

But a working progress, by far.

The seeds we plant,

Shows if we can or can’t,

Produce goods from the heart,

That will be the start,

Of the sun-filled harvest.

That offers a peaceful nest.

A nest for our lives,

And a way to plant tithes.

Now is the time to begin,

Planting your crop without sin.

It is time to sow,

To learn what you don’t know.

To pray for the rain,

And a peace that will sustain.

God will supply every need,

And he will fertilize every seed.

Intentions from us must be pure,

For us to have more,

More joy, more peace, more love,

In our lives, from the Father above.

The Harvest time has come.

Let no man keep us from,

Our abundant life here and now.

Seek and God will show us how.

This is only the beginning of our lives.

The past is gone, and the future is left to our dreams.

But now is the time of abundance. Now is the time of Harvest.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010