New Year/New Goal:

2010 is flying by already, and although I may be a little late... I've decided to make some short term goals for myself. My husband has agreed to fund a trip to a Wrtiers Conference this summer IF and only IF I finish my second book. To be honest, I've been taking a little break from it, and this is just what I need to kick myself back into gear.

But here's the kick. Not only do I have to complete Book #2, but I have to have it edited. On top of that I have to have a query and synopsis written for it, and THEN I have to have a written proposal for Book #3! Woo... I've got a long road ahead, but I'm determined to make this happen. I'm very much goal oriented, so him giving me this little deadline is going to do me wonders.

I'm excited to get this ball rolling again. I've been working hard, and so far in the past three days I've written 5 chapters. I just hope I can keep it up!

Wish me luck! :)

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