The Rain


The kiss of rain,

Dancing on my cheek,

The moist stain,

Offers solace to the meek.

The enticing smell,

Puts a smile on my face,

It’s saying, “All is well.”

Flowers yearn for a taste.

Brown to green,

I can almost see the fade.

Sometimes the sun can be mean,

But rain provides the shade.

A much needed break,

From it’s brutal rays,

Sweet moisture it will take,

And hold onto during rough days.

Your Spirit pours Your love,

Down like the rain,

Quenching our thirst from above,

O’ how mighty You reign.

Thank You for thirsty days,

A time to endure,

Thank You for the rainy rays,

That gives me strength to seek You more.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010

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