Question From Me...


Once in my sleep, I dreamed.

Of a life of perfection, or so it seemed.

A life so planned, with every detail.

That had life catching me if I fell.

It’s funny how these things work,

How dreams haunt you, forever they lurk.

College degrees, big house, and nice cars,

Lead to mortgages, debt, loans, and happiness afar.

Once upon a time, I thought.

Maybe I could be more than even what I sought.

I challenged myself with an education,

Only to find that it’s not always possible, even with determination.

Sometimes I wonder, my dear Lord,

Didn’t You give me these dreams to be more?

Or is this all a shadow of my ego?

A figment of mind, brought on by thoughts of long ago.

If it’s just me, and I’m not meant,

To be this person I want, and all my life spent.

Just let me know Your will,

I will wait for it, O’Lord, in the still.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c)Copyright 2010

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