Never have I ever been so lost before,

That I’m unable to find refuge through any door.

No matter where I go, only despair I find,

I feel lost; I need help to keep a straight mind.

Desperation is showing its ugly face,

And anger is coming up inside, I can taste.

Is this how it has to be?

Is this the only way, really?

Well, be that as it may,

I’m still choosing to smile today.

No matter what happens, no matter how hard it gets,

I’m not going to waste my days complaining and throwing fits.

I know that things will turn out good, for those who follow the Lord,

So, I’ve got to just hang in there, and hope I can handle more.

You never promised things would be easy, only that I would make it through,

You never worried I wouldn’t make it, because I can find rest in You.

I just have to convince myself that happiness is a state of mind,

And hope that you lead me around corner, and there it I will find.

I will keep pushing through the grim, no matter how hard the rain,

Because I know no matter how hard the storm, Your shelter will remain.

Vanessa K. Eccles
(c) Copyright 2010

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