Like A Flower

Like a flower I bloom,

A burst of color in the room.

Laced with leaves and petals,

I provide softness against the metals.

Bright and alive like a tree,

You’ve planted this life in me.

You water me with Your reign,

Providing purity and releasing stain.

Radiating I am in the meadow, so full.

Providing a way for others, using Your tool.

Dancing in the wind against the sky so blue,

I wonder what You did to make me more like You.

Ya see, this is the way I want to be,

A shining messenger for You, in me.

But I can’t seem to be that precious flower,

I’m like a seed looking up a tower.

Searching for soft ground to lay,

Me, the seed, searches day after day.

Your purpose for me is real, this I know.

I’m just waiting for that opportunity to show.

No matter what, this seed, will search for that door.

That door that will open and allow me to share You more.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful Vanessa! I love to read your poems and stories. Love, Daddy