Like the wind I sway in mind,

Searching for and hoping to find,

Something that is unknown to me,

Happiness I hope it to be.

I’m like a buoy floating in the lake,

Back and forth for goodness sake.

I no longer want to be hot or cold,

Can’t I be warm and still live outside the mold?

Keeping in mind that failure may be apart of life,

All I need is to be a servant and wife.

No matter what dreams may have gone,

Those open doors were never shown.

I can kiss some hope good-bye today,

But I know that for my purpose You’ll provide a way.

No matter what all I need,

Is to find contentment in the life You feed.

I’m sorry, Lord, for my failing heart,

My solemn prayer is to find a promising start.

A start of life without failed dreams, what if’s, sadness, and regret,

One where Your dreams for me are met.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

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