Just another lil something....

Why I Love Night…

In the midnight hour, I see,

The globe of light directly above me.

The only bright flash in the darkened sky,

Its very presence, I question why.

If dark were meant, then why the light?

Is it to offer us some sight?

But who needs sight during the time of sleep?

For the answer we must take a leap.

Read it with different eyes,

The ones that read between the lines.

A deeper meaning is bound to emerge,

One with spiritual insight and a Godly surge.

The only light in a darkened globe,

Is only reference for what we already know.

A daily reminder that His light helps us see,

In a world where darkness takes captives, we are free.

With no other known purpose for the moon, I must say,

That it’s nice to be reminded of The Way.

May the Lord always be the lamp to my feet,

May His word and light I always keep.

A light in the darkness, our God is to us,

Now I see why the moon is a must.

Now are you gaze upon it in the sky,

I pray you remember its purpose and why.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010