Prompt: Honor
Flash Fiction Challange

Dearest Love,

There’s so much that I want to tell you. I don’t think that it is possible to fit it all in a letter, so I’m sure that this won’t be the last.

Let’s start out with the two most important things. I love you. I miss you. There’s nothing in my life that I’ve found so far that can distract me, even temporarily, from those facts and feelings. You’ve been my best friend for years, and you are no doubt my soul mate. The piece that completes my puzzle, the moon in my night of stars, the sun that lights up my world; you are the love of my life. I know cheesy, right? I can’t help it. It’s like Shakespeare said, “My bounty is as deep as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.” My love for you is immeasurable.

You’ve been gone so long that I’m not sure where to start. My life has changed a little bit since the last time that we have seen each other. I did end up getting into the culinary school that we spent so much time applying for. I can’t believe it, can you? Thanks for all your help on that, by the way. Sugar, our sweetest pup, is doing great. She keeps me company on those lonely nights. She was the greatest birthday present that you’ve ever given me. All the family is doing well. Your mom is even doing better. She’s taking everything in stride. So, all in all things are okay.

Do you remember the first time we met? It was a cold winter day in the park, and I was completely lost. I had just moved to New York, and I’m sure it was painfully obvious. You were laughing as you approached me. You were so cute. Remember? I could barely speak when you came up. I thought that you had to be the most handsome man that I had ever seen. My heart had to of skipped a beat. We ended up sitting on a bench and talking all night long. Then we ate at that little diner on the corner, the one that we now have labeled ours. That was the most magical evening that I’ve ever had. That’s when it all began.

And what about our wedding day? You surprised me so much when you proposed, and instead of handing me a ring, you gave me plane tickets to Vegas. That was brilliant, I might add. You knew that I never had any desire to have a wedding, or to have to go through the nightmare of planning one. But I always thought how brave that was of you. What if I would have said no? Anyway, you knew I wouldn’t. That trip always makes me laugh when I think about the cliché of an Elvis impersonator marrying us.

I often find myself running through these memories in my mind. I’m trying to keep them alive because I never want to let go of any part of you. The day that you left me is the only day I wish I could forget. Kissing you good-bye at the door that morning is hard for me to recount. It was the last time that my lips would ever touch yours, and I hate myself for not making it linger longer. There are so many things that I would change. There are so many things I would do differently.

I wonder where you are and what you’re doing. I wonder if you’re happy, or if you’re alone. Are you some place warm or cold? Do you miss me? Will I ever see you again? There are too many questions. There are too many that won’t ever be answered.

I talk to God a lot now. He’s been the only man in my life for quite a while. He makes me feel like there is somewhere after this, which gives me hope that I’ll be seeing your sweet face again.

I can’t lie in saying that after you died I was strong. I wasn’t. I was devastated, broken, hopeless. I stayed in bed for weeks. I could barely breathe most of the time. It was horrible to have to bury the man of my dreams. The perfection of our love was a miracle. But with that miracle was a brief time line that has torn me apart.

I’m going by to see you this afternoon. I’m bringing roses this time. I’m also going to leave you this letter. As impossible as this may seem, I feel like you can read them. I need you to read them. It gives me peace to know that I’m finally able to tell you what I never had the chance to that say.

I just hope that no matter where you are you know that I loved you more than anything. Someday I know we will meet again. You were a gift from God, and I thank Him for you everyday. I am honored to have been your wife.

Eternally yours,


Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

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