Mattie Pearl

 My Granny and Grandpa
Mattie Pearl Dekel Bruce

The Sweetest Slumber


On one Monday night, in her sleep,

Mattie Pearl’s heart could no longer beat.

Tired and weary from all her days,

But tried and perfected in so many ways.

A golden heart as pure as snow,

Only the lucky ones had chance to know.

The radiant light that glowed from inside,

A life full of sorrow and love, both tied.

More life was lived in those years,

Than many will experience here.

The beauty of a humble soul,

That never knew any foe.

A laugh that lit up the whole room,

I remember the sweetest scent of her perfume.

Nothing like any other person I’ve ever met,

No one has even come close yet.

A fire for God, peaceful and sweet,

She was where faith and beauty meet.

As perfect as a human soul could get,

Held as much love as she could fit.

My sweet Granny, I will miss you so,

I was blessed to have known you, this I know.

And although you are gone away from me,

I will hold you in my heart where you will always be.

One day Mattie Pearl went to sleep,

And opened her eyes to a world of our Savior’s keep.

A marvelous place where she could rest,

A place she deserved, because she passed the test.

No suffering, no sorrow, no place for tears,

A reward for all her faithful years.

One day, my precious Granny’s number was called,

One day she had the sweetest slumber of all.

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2010

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