Cheers and Happy New Years!

It is another year, and I am reminded of all the things that I wished I'd done last year. My "New Year's resolutions" seem to be piling up. I think the main thing I need to remember as I embark on another year is that balance is the key to a happy life.

I need to balance:
-work with play
-self-determination with letting go
-prayer with taking initiative
-life with dreams
-realism with wonder
-simplicity with immense creativity
-veggies with chocolate
-exercise with relaxation
-responsibilities with enjoying letting someone else do it

In addition to needing major balance in my life, simplicity seems to be a word that has been haunting me. A simple life – my dream in three little words. No matter what happens this year, whether my husband gets his dream job or I publish my first book or nothing significant happens at all, I WILL work on simplifying my crazy life.

My dear friend, Laura, inspires me so much and she doesn’t even know it. She told me that he color for the year is purple. Colors truly inspire. I think mine this year will be red. No sure why, but I’m going with it.
Inspirational animal for the year? Uhmm… the owl. For some reason I’ve been drawn to owls for the past few months. Maybe some wisdom is in my future???

Just a little jingle for you,
To bring in the new:

Another new year is here.
Exciting adventures are near.
2010 sure went by fast.
Hope 2011 is better than the last.
To peace and joy –cheers!
From one heart to another – Happy New Years!

Be blessed my friends!

Vanessa K. Eccles

© Copyright 2011

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