How to Know the Most Famous Person in the World

Have you ever wanted to meet someone famous? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you walked up on your favorite actor/actress? What if they sat at the table right next to you at the coffee shop? What would you say? Would you ask them for their autograph?

In a world where Entertainment is the center and famous people determine what we wear, what slang we use, and how we see "beautiful," there is an entirely differnt famous person that should be the model of our lives. He has been the most famous person in the world for the past 2,000 years. He's made the most headlines. More songs and books have been written about Him than any other. His word has inspired archeological digs and has changed countless lives. Meet Jesus.

How can you get to know Him?
1.) Find a church. Find a place that will feed your soul. We are created to live in community with one another and Him. Chuch provides encouragement that we often don't find in our everyday lives. We also need accountability. If no one is asking us if we're reading, praying, growing - we may find that we don't. We get the substance we need from church, and we use what we learn there when we go home, work, etc.
2.)Pray - Use a prayer model. Just start talking. It doesn't matter if you know how. Don't worry about feeling stupid, sounding stupid - He doesn't care. He has been with you at your worst moments and has seen every sin and deed that is locked away in your closet. There is nothing hidden between you and your Father. Realize that, and instead of hiding, build a relationship with the One who loves you most.
3.)Read His word - Reading the Bible is the most active ways to learn what God wants you to do. He gives descriptions of who He wants us to be, and how He wants us to treat others. He reveals Himself in every passage. This is His living word that speaks to us. It is our road map to life. All we have to do is read it. Want to know how He feels about marriage? Read it. How He feels about adultry? Read it. What about how He loves His children? Read it. It's all there. Everything you have ever wanted to know. How to raise children to how to prosper - it's there.

A little about the Bible:
The Bible tells of His story and the miracles that He performed. It explains His death at the cross for our sins. The Bible was written over the span of 1,500 years, written in 3 different languages, and ranges from divinely inspired kings to peasants. It covers every topic and every walk. Although it was written ages ago, it still speaks to every generation. How a book can be relevent from century to century is beyond human explanation.

There is no one worth knowing or meeting more than our Father. What's amazing about it all is that He is there knocking- waiting for you to open the door of your heart. He wants to know you. He is waiting to be the man sitting next to you at the coffee shop, the man standing next to you at work giving you a smile, and the man holding you when you break down in tears. He is waiting to dwell within you always. No matter where you are or where you go - He is wanting to be there comforting you, encouaging you, loving you. And perhaps on one of those meetings you decide to ask the most famous person in the world for His autograph... I have a feeling that He would simply write, "Love."

Special Thanks:
I give a special thanks to my wonderful pastor who inspired me with one of his sermons today. To hear life changing messages, visit here. Also I'd like to thank my dear friend, Laura, for the sweet little gift pictured above.

Be blessed.

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Kathy Bruce said...

Sweetie, I love your story about meeting, and being frinds with our Father. I just thank God that he gave you such away with words! And I know that your going to make Him proud. Keep up the good work!