Prompt-A-Thon: Send me a prompt idea!

Happy Sunday, friends! I thought that it might be fun to send a shout out to gather up some prompts for a project that I may be starting soon. I've found that prompt writing is fun, and I have written dozens of short stories based on them.

So what is a prompt? A prompt is a word, idea, or phrase. They are typically not a sentence. A few examples:

Nature of the Beast
Love at first sight

What I'm asking ALL of you (seriously, everyone) to do is send me a prompt. It can be anything. Have fun with it. I need your help. Send me one; send me five! It doens't matter how many.

Be my next piece of inspiration. Be my muse!

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Sist and Sist said...

Your blog is awesome! I couldn't think of a prompt - but come enter my giveaway!