This Week in the Story of My Life:

One of my many New Year's Resolutions was to better manage my time. I have been doing a lot better. This is only my second semester back in college, so it has taken me some time to adjust. Last semester I was having a hard time keeping up with my homework, my daily Bible reading, and every other obligation that I have. Sometimes I honestly feel like I'm drowning, but I am blessed to have new opportunities.

So, what am I doing differently? I make it a point to do a little homework/studying every day. Yes, every day! If I miss a day, then I'm swamped the next day. To get my Bible reading in, I've started listening to the Daily Audio Bible (which is really awesome). I am totally hooked.

Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to write like I would like. When I'm done with school, homework, intern work, listening to the Bible, and leading a class at church - I'm exhausted! I am in my first Creative Writing class (which I'm loving), and it has helped me get those creative juices flowing. So far I've written 2 poems and three short stories. You may see a few on here sometime, who knows. Speaking of writing, I submitted in a First Paragraph Contest, which is pretty brilliant. It's all in good fun. I've also sent my poem entitled "I Stand Alone," for possible publication, and I've entered a novel contest. My theory is I just send something in every week. I'm bound to increase my chances at getting more of my pieces published. Right? :)

I also added some information on the pages to your right --> . There are links to more of my writings under the About Me section. In the About My Novel section, you can read one of my many query letters for my novel Georgia. There is also a small except from my new novel currently entitled Realm of Desire.

So for now, I'm still trying to keep up with this crazy life that I have, but the goal is to be able to fit everything into one day/24 hour period. There truly is not enough hours. I feel like I need a vacation at the end of every day. All I got to say is, thank God for Sundays!

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