Power in the Spoken Word


This week in my Creative Writing class we were assigned to give a Spoken Word. What is that? According to Answers it is:

1.Spoken aloud, especially in performance: spoken-word poetry.

2.Performing or involving a performance of the spoken word: "Whenever [a newspaper] covers the poetry world, you can bet you will find spoken-word and street poets railing against the prudishness of the 'academic poets'" (Maureen McLane).

I have found it challenging to think of something that I can find such emotion about and still capture the attention of my audience (which is my class). I have to find something they can relate to. This woman (in the video) does an amazing job of saying how amazing Jesus is. This video truly inspired me.

I have an idea for my little performance, and although I'm terrified, it's always good to step outside that box. Expanding yourself into something you never knew you could be. It's amazing... this whole creative process. Sometimes I wonder how I've ever lived or breathed without writing or at least thinking about writing.

It's funny, I used to pray for inspiration. Now I just pray for a chance to write it. Ideas are flowing like running water; I'm just trying to keep up.

Who knows? Maybe I'll fall in love with writing Spoken Word. I'll get back to you on that one AFTER I have my first taste of it on Monday. :)


Michelle said...

The video was very inspiring, I remember the story of the woman at the well. When I read "spoken word" I could only think of how when God speaks, things come to be. When he but remembers us, action on our behalf follows. I can't wait to hear about your performance. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Michelle- I totally agree. When God speaks mountains move. I enjoyed the video so much. I felt like she was saying exactly what I waneted to say. I'm totally nervous about getting up in front of people and spilling myself, but what can you do? Thanks for the comment. :)