100th Birthday of Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams would have been 100 years old today. He was a remarkable dramatist, and he remains an important writer in American literature. 

Ironically, this week in my American literature class, I read my first work by Mr. Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire was absolutely wonderful. I found myself loving or hating the characters early on, and I can't tell you how much I've thought about the play since I've read it. Now that is good writing. There have been two movies (that I know of) based off of the play. One was filmed in the 50's and the other was in 1995 and features Alec Baldwin. It was a great movie.

It is always amazing to think about how words outlive us. Writing is like a time capsule of our thoughts in a solitary moment that will engrave itself on paper/screen for years. Our work, ideas, and creativity can grace the pages of literary books long after we're gone.

It reminds me of Shakespeare... the greatest quote I've heard about him is: "Shakespeare never grew up knowing he'd be Shakespeare." He just did what he loved. We will never know how vast our potential can spread. All I know is that maybe somehow, somewhere in 100 years, my words will still be read.

Mr. Tennessee Williams - Happy Birthday. May your words still captivate audiences for 100 more.


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