New York Times Creative Writing: Poetry waiting to be written

The other day, the assignment in my Creative Writing class was to write a poem using headlines out of the New York Times. He passed us all out papers, and he gave us 30 minutes to complete at least a 20 line poem. At first, I think we all were panicking a bit, but it turned out to be a little adventure. It really was poetry waiting to be written.

We could split  the headlines, use half here, half there. We also could add a few words to the line to make it make sense. It was the March 14th copy. Here is what I came up with. The * means that this is the headline.

The Tricky Times

I've never been good at *betting on not-so-sure things*.
I always leave *feeling burned*.
I detest the *twilight's mysteries*.
And the gambler *winning at cards*.
My *aim is true*.
I don't gamble *for all the wrong reasons*.
For a bid *can be brave or foolhardy*.
And *very tiny packages can lead to very bad things*.
A beautiful flower can be *a prickly pear* instead.
So this is this *woman's desperate proposition*:
If there's *lockouts and loopholes* be aware!
The sudden *lack of rules and penalties* extends to us all.
*Beginners luck* makes for an ominous beginning.
We all turn out to have *not-so-kind enemies*.
*Our culture will proceed*.
*Soaring ambitions* can lead to disaster.
Bet only when you're *in the glow*.
Let your heart and magic *roll the dice of chance*.
When you have *questions and amendments to reshape your path* remember:
Every dog *has its day*,
Especially in *love and trick*.


Miss Good on Paper said...

I love these kinds of writing prompts. Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Thank you for reading it and for your comment. :) I have lots of fun with writing prompts too. It's my way of making sure I write something.