My Indulgent Escape in Words

Wow! When I feel that I cannot get any more stressed, I always find out that I'm wrong. My professor told us today that we will have a speaking engagement on Wednesday night at a local trendy restaurant. I suppose that it will be sort of like a poetry slam. He's giving us two days to prepare. Thanks for the heads up [insert hint of sarcasm here].

The stress is mounting. I am having a really hard time keeping everything together these past two weeks. My life is going in every direction, and I'm finding it hard to keep up. My 15 credit hour schedule at school is slowly killing me. I have over-extended myself, and the only way to release my frustrations is through written words. It reminds me of that Babyface song (showing my age here) "Nobody knows it but me." But there is one other that knows; it's my notebook. The place where I spill my words and tears, sometimes.

Have you ever felt like no one could possibly understand you better than your pen and paper? I think all  writers feel this way at times.

I guess my question is - Is writing a form of escapism?

Do we, as writers, tend to use our forms of expression as ways to escape from the often times painful worlds that we live in? Most people rely on video games, music, or television to escape, but we rely on our over-indulgence of words. When I get bored or upset with my own life, I simply dive into Lizzie's or Sophie's life (the MCs in my novels). I can't get away fast enough, and I find myself thinking about them when I know that I should be thinking of other things.

 It's an interesting thing- the mind of a writer. There are always multiple worlds in our minds, and it's not hard for us to escape into them. Does this then blur the lines of reality for us? Okay, now I'm getting deep. I shall save that conversation for a later date.

Anyway, when you are down and out, do you turn to ice-cream and television or a beautiful white piece of paper (screen)? Maybe this is a good way to tell how serious your writing obsession has become. I know my answer, what's yours?


Miss Good on Paper said...

Really interesting post! I used to turn to words when I found myself in a mood, but this week I ate a lot of ice cream! I hope to turn that around soon.

Thank you for sharing this.

Talia Jager said...

I escape into reading or writing. A good book can take me to a whole new world. Writing can take me away because I can make up any world I want to be in. I can become my MC and do whatever I want. It's a great way to escape.

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Miss Good on Paper - I must admit that I sometimes turn to the ice cream too. :)

Talia - I become my MC too. I never thought of that before until now. It really is the best way to escape.