What is a Poet?

I used the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of poet and developed it with my own thoughts. Here is what I come up with:

What is a Poet?

By: Vanessa K. Eccles

A person with an emphatic sense of wonder
with verses distinguished by unimaginable insight.
A work of utter inspiration.
A seer, sensitive to his/her surroundings.

A poet is one with forcible vision,
the remarkable power of imagination.
Never short in inventing creative worlds.
Never lacks words of expression.

A poet is a scientist
mixing formulas of words.
A person who captures moments
and releases them even more beautiful.

They are truth seekers,
looking for the striking.
They are master photographers,
turning 1,000 words to a line.

They are image producers
with the slash of a pen.
They are thought provoking,
keeping readers at wonder.

Can a poet be created?
With practice be invented?
They have an extraordinary eye,
one that sees the soul.
Poets are born.

A poet is a bird
with an unusual song.
You want to listen
and sing a long.

(C) Copyright 2011


bookluvrmindy said...

I could NEVER be a poet! I do not have the talent. I see poets as inspirational...But I'm not!

I'm a new follower through BookBlogs.

Follow me back?

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Following! :)

Sidne,the BCR said...

hey i like that. check out my Poetry tribute to Poets. I would like to include yours this week. I post one or two per day on my blog for this month.
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Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Sidne, I am now following your blog. Love it. I wouldn't mind a bit if you wanted to post it, but please contact me via e-mail first. It can be found on my Contact Me page. Thanks so much for your encouragement. :)