Chapter Excerpt from My Novel

I am excited to share with my readers a short chapter in my book Realm of Desire. I've decided to leave it unedited - with all the original scrapes and dents, which only add character, right? I wanted to give readers a glimpse of Sophie in her rawest form- a torn woman in every sense of the word. Leave comments if you like. I'd love to read them. Oh, I almost forgot... Enjoy! :)

Chapter 21
(C) Copyright 2011 by Vanessa K. Eccles

After dinner, Trevor sat in front of the T.V. completely fixated on whatever comic crap was on. It’s amazing to me how people are so oblivious to life because they spend so much time trying to avoid it by filling their heads with meaninglessness.

I wandered into my bedroom, thinking of my mom. I just couldn’t believe that I was going to see her again. Why had I not ever saw that as a possibility before? I’ve seen Lily and countless other dead people. Why not her?

There was a sense of guilt for not having thought of her in so long.

I walked to my closet. I pushed back all of my clothes until I reached the very edge wall. There hung my mom’s favorite dress and a few other things of hers. The social worker had only sent me the things that I requested, things that I thought that I would spend a lot of time clinging to. The truth is, I hadn’t so much as looked at this dress in years. I pulled it out of the closet. I held it to my nose and inhaled the scent. Her scent. The scent of knock-off Chanel perfume and Suave body wash. How could it still smell like her after all this time? Tears filled my eyes. I put the hanger around my head and lay the dress in front of me. I looked in the mirror, and as the dress covered the front of me, I swayed from side to side remembering how she had danced around the kitchen in this dress the one time that I could remember getting an A in class. Oh, how I regret being such a bad daughter to her.

I lay the dress down on the bed, and I walked over to where I kept her urn. I reached down to pick it up and a cold chill came over me. Chill bumps lined my limbs. I lifted it to my stomach and clung to it as I did on the long ride to Alabama. This was my mother; this is what a hug from her feels like now.

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KL Little said...

"This was my mother; this is what a hug from her feels like now."
Whoa...that was an emotional kick in the stomach...but I guess that's what good writer's are all about.

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

This short chapeter was difficult to write for me because of the emotion. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. :)

Michelle said...

Ugg, Sophia makes me want to yell at her!...and then find out what happens! LOL Yes discontent, what a dangerous thing to dabble in. Hope you are doing well, I miss having you around to walk and visit with!

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Michelle- we are doing wonderful. I miss our walks and talks too. Hope things are going great your way. Many blessings! :)