Write It and It Shall Live

I receive daily devotionals via e-mail from Dr. David Jeremiah which gets my day started off right. Today's topic is one that all writers can relate to.

He quoted: "In a popular Tom Clancy novel, one of the characters continually jotted notes in a small notebook. "You have to get used to me," she said apologetically. "Whenever I have an idea, I write it down right away." It isn't safe, she explained, to entrust important matters to memory alone, adding, "If you don't write it down, then it never happened."

I don't know about you, but I have a little notebook that I keep my ideas for future pieces in. I normally take it wherever I go, so I can totally relate to the character here.

In a writer's world...

Words become living when we write them. They outlive our lives. They morph into purpose for readers. They form a world that people want to escape to. They teach morals, offer lessons, reap drama, and conjure tears. Our words live a life of their own. After each key is pressed, each sentence is completed, and after every "the end" - our story takes on life. It begins to live and breath in a world that is far larger than the one we as writers live.

We are each entrusted with a story, one that (if you're like me) we can't wait to get out. Each character screams at us until what they wanted to say is on paper. It really makes me wonder.

Is the reason why we feel guilty when we don't write because - "if I don't write it down, it never happened?"

Are we committing murder to the characters we possess if we never tell their story?


Christina said...

Yes! I write everything down! One time in church an idea struck me like lightning and for some unfathomable reason I didn't have my little notebook in my purse...so, like any other writer, I took out a prayer card from the pew in front of me, wrote down my idea, and then shoved it in my purse for later reference.

Very good post :)

Caledonia Lass said...

Hmmm... interesting theory there... I hope I am not committing murder by not writing the stories.
But I try to keep a few notes here and there. I don't carry a notebook with me, but I do use the notepad on my cell phone quite a bit. :D

Good post!

Books Ahoy said...

That was a great post! Everytime I have an idea I jot it down right then and there.

Books Ahoy

Laura said...

Hello sweet Vanessa! Hope all is well with you, so good to see you're keeping at your writing :>

Great post - even though I don't write all the time, I do jot sketches and ideas down all the time, even on napkins - remember?

Miss ya bunches, xo

Blue Shedevil said...

I love watching writers emerge and evolve. Alas, I'm only a reviewer, but I do my best to support new authors in their quest. Great post and I look forward to reading about your journey.New GFC and Networked blogs follower.

Blue Shedevil

Vanessa K. Eccles said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. They make my day!

Christina-If I have an idea, I will stop at nothing to write it down too. :)

Caledonia- Cell phone notepad? Why hadn't I thought of that? lol

Books-Ahoy- We can never leave something that important to memory, right?

Laura - I remember. :) I miss you too. I'm enjoying keeping up with you through your blog though.

Blue Shedevil- Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it. :)