Contest Winner And Other Thanks

Drum Roll Please... And the Winner is... *cough*... *awkward silence*...


Many thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Sarah won my personal copy of One Day. The movie comes out tomorrow.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who participated the the Finish The Story writing exercise that I hosted a few weeks ago. Here's what the story ended up being:

I looked down at my license - Carol Lyn White. That's not me anymore. I looked up and saw a large white crane swooping across the lake. It looked to be the epitome of grace. I glanced down at muddy water, slipped off my Christian Louboutin heels, threw my wallet as hard as I could, and placed my feet in the lake. The sun hung low among the horizon; darkness was near. I slowly stepped further into the vast water until the edge of my dress embraced the wet. I took a deep breath and immersed my body with the warmth of the lake. I stood up and brushed my hair back out of my face. My dress clung to me like a glove. As the sun faded, I walked out of the water. I took one last look back. Carol Lyn White drowned. Now I'm Vivian Crane.

I went back home and burned all the things that reminded me of Carol, it's over now. I took my car keys and drove away.

I drove non-stop for hours and hours, now sleep is creeping upon me and hunger pains are invading my stomach. Only four miles until i reach the next rest spot and 12 miles til the next motel.

Exhausted and on edge,I drive on to the motel. It had definitely seen better days, like maybe half a century ago.

Thanks to Franny, Sidne, and Blue Shedevil for your participation!


Enter For Your Chance to Win A Copy of One Day

This is the first contest that I've ever had on my blog, so I am really excited! I am also excited about the movie One Day, which will be in theatres August 19th. I've read the book, and I must admit that it brought more than a few tears.

I'm giving away my personal copy of One Day. No dog-ears, I promise. ;) I thought it would be fun to get it out there in time for someone to read it before going to see the movie. Trust me, it's a quick read. You'll enjoy it.

I thought at first that it wouldn't be for me because of the reckless lifestyle one of the characters has, but in the end it shows how life has a way of beating the reckless out and filling us with the truth and meaning behind everything and everyone.

The winner will be sent an e-mail and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Contest ends August 17th. This contest is for US residents only, due to shipping prices.

To Enter, Click HERE.

How to Create the Greatest Character You've Always Known

I can't even count the times that I heard "write what you know" in my creative writing class. As much as I do not like that saying (mostly because my life is too boring to write about), it hit me that I'm not boring. I thought that it might be fun to take aspects of myself to create a character.

Here is a few questions to ask yourself if you want to create the greatest character you've always known.

1.) What are three words that describe you?
      Ex: Classy, Smart, Introvert

2.) What are two of your favorite qualities about yourself?
      Ex: Kind, Generous

3.) What are two of your favorite flaws?
      Ex: A tendency of being sassy and being brutally honest

4.) What are two of your favorite physical aspects?
      Ex: Eyes and curly hair

5.) Write three things that your pride yourself on being?
      Ex: Deep thinker, Open-minded to a point, and Analyze everything

6.) What are some of your catchy phrases that you use?
      Ex: Patience is a virtue that I don't have. There are three sides to every story- your side, my side, and
           the truth.

7.) What is your favorite perfume- what you always smell like?
      Ex: Curious

8.) What era would best describe your personality?
      Ex: 1920s

9.) Would you consider yourself a free-spirit or old-soul?

10.) Write a detailed paragraph using the answers to these questions. Be sure to describe what you would look like (your ideal self) using clothing that you would really wear and focusing on your favorite attributes. Also add a description of your personality using what is great about yourself and your flaws. Remember that for any character to be real, it has to have flaws. Luckily some flaws are charming. :)

If you have ideas for more questions, please leave them in the comment box. I'd love to read them.

Have fun!