Prompt Response: "Shh... Tell Me a Secret."

© Copyright 2011 by Vanessa K. Eccles
Based on the prompt: Tell Me a Secret

“Shh… tell me a secret,” she said with her eyes closed and with her warm breath lingering on the side of my neck.

“I don’t have any secrets,” I answered her and turned to look at her.

I glared at her long, dark lashes as they opened and revealed her bright blue eyes. There was a sort-of darkness about her. Her lips curled at the right corner, causing gentle wrinkles on an otherwise porcelain face. That look; her look, sent chills down my spine as I watched her glide to the seat in front of me. But I knew what she wanted.

“You tell me a secret,” I dared. While my heart raced a thousand beats a second, I focused on keeping my body relaxed, yet firm.

She smiled and raised her eye brow in amusement.

“You are a beast, aren’t you?”

“If a beast is an ordinary woman, then yes.” I sat back further in my chair. I placed my arms confidently on the armrests and struggled to pace my breathing.

“Ordinary? Really? That’s the word you’re going with?” she laughed under her breath.

I let my lungs fill with air. I uncrossed my legs and then crossed them in the opposite direction, while I leaned forward and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Sometimes the ordinary can be terrifying,” I whispered.

Just a quick response/intro to something bigger based off the prompt "Tell me a secret." I'd love to hear what you think so far. :)

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Laura said...

Hi Vanessa (arms waving madly!) how are you my dear friend?? Are you all ready for Christmas? I thought of you today & our visit over the holidays last year as I got out my baking supplies - sigh...miss you :>

Anyhow your writing is coming along fabulously - seriously this excerpt really draws the reader in, especially the last line.

Take care & God bless, xo