Moving Right Along

We found out that we are moving back to Alabama for good. My husband received another job, and we are very excited. We will finally be back home with our friends and family. While this is great news for us, it has really put a damper on my writing. I've been packing, preparing for our house to sell, and planning for where we go next. Things are crazy right now, but we are so blessed. We're moving this weekend. I'm hoping after we get settled that I'll be able to focus the rest of the summer to writing. Even if my plans have fallen a part a little bit, getting to move is more than I could have ever hoped for.

May 14th: Journal Entry

May 14, 2011

Between movies, music, and general occurrences, the circus keeps coming up. I recently watched Water for Elephants, which was awesome by the way, and there is a train nearby that reminds me of some of the characters in the movie. I’m feeling extra inspired by some of these circus folk. They are dynamic and unpredictable, which makes for a good story or in this case – a poem.

It’s a Circus

By: Vanessa K. Eccles

Once upon a dreary land,

There was circus girl.

She was an orphan that could land

On her feet and give a twirl.

She could twist and turn

and flip and spin.

Watching would make stomachs churn,

but she’d do it again and again.

She was petite and white

as a porcelain doll.

Her curls were tight

but soft as they’d fall.

Her eyes gleamed blue.

Her lips were red.

Her dressed glimmered too,

and her arms were graceful as she lead.

She’d guide the beast

from left to right.

The audience had no idea, in the least

what had been her fight.

She related to these wild things

because she was one of their kind.

At night her pearly teeth would turn to fangs,

and often she would find

herself in a room with a stranger

But this time… she was not the one in danger.

© Copyright 2011

Character Development: Let's Play 20 Questions

First off, I just wanted to provide a little update on how the 80 Days of Writing is coming. All is well! It's been fun to sit down and write everyday. I have mostly found myself writing poetry, but I'm hoping to get in a few short stories eventually. It's been nice to focus on writing instead of school.

I thought it would be fun to play 20 questions with our characters. I strongly feel that the more we know our own characters, the more likely it is that we will think like them when we write. These may helpful for your upcoming pieces.

1.) What is their name? [full name: first, middle, last]
2.) How old is he/she? Birth date?
3.) Where did he/she grow up?
4.) What time period do they live?
5.) What do they do for a living?
6.) What age range does the book cover?
7.) Was there any specific event in their past that has helped develop their character?
8.) Who is their closest friend?
9.) What will they face in your story or book?
10.) Married?
11.) Single?
12.) Divorced?
13.) Any children? Names?
14.) What is he/she's goals in life?
15.) Who is their love interest?
16.) What do they look like? [hair, eyes, frame]
17.) What is he/she's character strengths?
18.) What is he/she's character flaws?
19.) What will they overcome in your story or book?
20.) What do they cherish the most? [family, child, love, job]

Hope this list of questions will help you develop your characters a little more. Have fun with it! These could easily turn into a character analysis. Good luck on your summer writing!

Read you later!