Geek Is In - Finally!

A while back, a friend of mine and I were talking about how reading is the new "it" thing. We mentioned how when we were in school, it wasn't cool to be a reader or a writer. Having your nose in a book was a quick way to get made fun of, and being a good student got you called names like "teacher's pet," a name in which I proudly claimed throughout my school years. lol

But O how the times have changed! In the almost decade since I've been in high school, the dynamics have shifted. Nerd is in and fully embraced in current tween aged Americans, and it's a beautiful thing!

How did this happen? Well, I have a theory. Many television shows like Gilmore Girls, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory have glamorized the once socially outcasted personality helping to promote the shift. Books that were turned into movies also helped. When the first Twilight movie came out, I went with a friend and her teenage daughter to see it. I had not read the books and couldn't understand the hype surrounding it, but her daughter had read them and was in love. That infatuation goes both ways. Rob Pattinson became the next teen heart throb, as we are all aware of, and that need to still be a part of the story caused a lot of non-readers to pick up the book and indulge themselves with an escape into the fantastical love story of the decade. Before Twilight, there was Rowling's Harry Potter. Very well-written and then very well-acted portrayal of the Hogwarts school and students captured young (and sometimes old) people everywhere. Even technological advances have been promoting reading. Every I Phone has a reading app, and with the invention of e-readers (Nook, Kindle, etc.), there are now more ways to read than ever. Who made all the movies, books, shows, and technology that has revolutionized the next generation? Other nerds!

I love that finally being smart is cool, and now there is a place for the geek and the jock. I think it's about time we, as a society, embrace the nerd because, after all,  they are the future! :)

So say it loud, and finally say it proud: "I'm a nerd, and I love it!"


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Emily D. Wood said...

Isn't it funny how times evolve? Nerds are cool. Who knew the day would come? I love it! Great post!

Happy writing!

Nicole Pyles said...

I'm SO glad that reading and being a geek is in! Finally! It's about time! Writer's like JK Rowling and (eeks, I can't remember the name of the writer that wrote the Twilight series!) help us a lot with making reading popular and cool. And hey, who cares if its commercialized, it gets kids to read!

BookJunkie said...

Geeky and Proud, my friend! :) Great post!

Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

Shannon Lawrence said...

Great post! Yes, it's all in now, a decade or two too late for me. I was the girl with her nose in a book all the time. I also think the fact that we have nerd millionaires and that nerd jobs are important and more common has helped bring the nerd in.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Vanessa - good luck with your writing, take care xo

Meg Waite Clayton said...


Sarah Allen said...

So proud to be a nerd :) I don't know if you watch Vlogbrothers, but John and Hank Green are other awesome nerds.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Lena Winfrey Seder said...

Excellent post! It is about time the 'geeks' rule! In the adult world they usually do. If it weren't for the nerds and geeks that were made fun of in school, then there would not be all of theh wonderful, technological inventions that everyone uses and takes for granted. I'm enjoying this Renaissance into reading again. Maybe the next generations will not get lost and will find a way back to the path of education and enlightenment through reading. Let us hope so!

elisse9 said...

I have always been a nerd...just a glamorous one. LOL, my friends to this day call me a nerd and don't understand the adrenaline rush I get from buying books for my collection! I just smile because I don't need them to understand! It's my thing and I have always been proud of it! Great post!
PS- I have the biggest crush on Dr. Reed Spencer from Criminal Minds. His nerdy/intelligence is soooo sexy!

Ashley Chappell said...

Here, here! I'll wave my nerd flag any day :-) Our favorite tradition for Date Night at home is to celebrate our nerdity with a marathon of Big Bang Theory (we own every season) while wearing our Star Wars shirts and following it up with Battle Star Galactica. Great post - and it's great to know fellow proud nerds!

Rena J. Traxel said...

I'm a Gleek!