Your Novel Soundtrack: Create a Playlist

Sophie- My MC

Happy Tuesday, folks!

I've been trying to stay focused and do a bit of writing while on my Spring Break, but I have to be honest, it's been a challenge. I have a ritual when I sit down to my computer. I check e-mail, Facebook, and the other social networking sites, and then I can (finally) get to what I really sat down to do. Today, that was writing. I did write 1,000 words, but then I was interrupted by my stomach calling for lunch. While I was doing dishes, I decided that I'd listen to my novel playlist to get me back into character. BUT then I started to wish that I could share my playlist with all of you. After an hour of searching, creating, and giving into distraction, I finally have a playlist that you can listen to, if you're so inclined. :)

A couple of reasons why everyone who's writing a novel should have a musical playlist:

1.) Playlists help get you into the character and tone of your novel.

2.) Music inspires. It gets our creativity flowing and finds the voice that we need to write.

3.) It helps paint the pictures of intense/pivotal scenes in the novel. If you are writing with a song playing in the background of your mind, the scene becomes more vivid for you and your future readers.

4.) All movies need soundtracks. Your novel is your movie. Give it some sound.

5.) Playlists are just great. They're fun. You should get one... right now. :)

Listen to the soundtrack of Realm of Desire here and Georgia here.

Happy writing or happy distractions, whichever you find today.

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Emily Wood said...

I have both reading and writing playlists. I totally agree that music can really help scenes develop. I read an interview with Stephanie Myers where she gave them a list of songs she listened to while writing Twilight. It totally made sense. :) And, yes, playlists are fun!

Lena Winfrey Seder said...

I never really thought of giving my novel/stories music, but really that is a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing! i'll have to try it. Take care!