How Pinteresting!

We've all heard the saying, "A picture's worth a thousand words," and sometimes they're worth thousands more. Authors are now realizing the advantage of the lovely photos shared on Pinterest. Using Pinterest as an inspiration board proves useful

  • if you are stuck in your writing. Sometimes a photo is all that's needed to inspire a new chapter or pivotal event/character.
  • if you'd like to share something with your readers, friends, or family while you're writing. A Pinterest board can give your viewers an idea of the feel of your novel long before they're able to read it. 
  • if you'd like to add a visual aide to your novel. Once your book is finished and available, readers may enjoy the ability to see how you see the novel through the photos you've chosen.
Below is a list of my own project boards on Pinterest.
  • Once Upon a Midnight
    • YA/Fairy Tale In Mezzanine, Rowena finds that the stories she grew up hearing may not be fictional after all. 
  • Emporium
    • YA/Southern Gothic/ Fantasy Sixteen-year-old Ophelia has no idea where she belongs after being shuffled from one foster home to another, but when vivid dreams feel like lost memories, she realizes that something about her new home is seriously amiss.
  • Untitled 
    • MG/Modern Fairy Tale Collection When twelve extraordinary kids living in an ultra-modern society seek to remedy their boredom, they find that unplugging from their world and stepping into the past may be the key to unlocking a life of adventure.


Kathryn Trattner said...

I love Pinterest. I use it every day. I especially love that I'll come across something completely random and unrelated to anything I'm working on but that will spark a fantastic idea.

Vanessa Eccles said...

It's really amazing how a photo can spark an idea for an entire novel. I get excited when I find some little treasure on Pinterest that holds a story within it.