10 Questions About my WIP

I was tagged by the lovely S.J. Henderson to participate in the Liebster Award Blog Hop about my current WIP. I'm working on two novels right now. One is a sequel to my fairy tale (YAY), and the other is a southern gothic that I am having O so much fun with.  I chose the gothic.

What is your WIP about?
Sixteen-year-old Ophelia Fisk is an orphan with severe emotional issues. The novel opens with her contemplating committing suicide, but decides against it when she finds that the new town she lives in is much more unique than expected. There are unexplained things happening, and as the mystery unravels, so too does her purpose.

What is your main character's greatest strength?
She's strong. Crazy strong, despite her depression. She faces challenges with a bravery, even I look up to.

What is your main character's greatest flaw?
The world has been cruel to Ophelia and being an orphan in a small town, where outsiders
are always looked at strangely doesn't make it easier. She has a tendency to be bitter and build impenetrable walls.

Name your character's favorite food and drink?
Pizza and coffee. Though, not at the same time.

What animal would your main character be and why?
She'd probably be a stray dog. She's distrusting, takes a while to let people in, and has a tendency to bite with her words. But if you can ever get through to her, she's the most loyal friend one can have.

If you and your main character were in a coffee shop, what would you discuss?
Easy. The utter weirdness of small, southern towns. It's one of her and my most favorite topics. 

Who would you main character like to date/marry and why?
Someone who feels like her family. Someone who handles her insecurities delicately and who is strong enough not to be hurt by her sometimes thoughtless tongue.

What superhero does your protagonist act like? Why?
Can I pick a guy? Batman. She wants to save the world, but she struggles heavily with her inner demons.

If you made a music video starring your antagonist, what would be his or her song? 
"Demons" by Imagine Dragons. She's afraid to trust or hurt anyone, so she just pushes them away.

What fictional character do you like the most and why?
If you mean ever, I'd have to say Jo March from The Little Women. I wanted to be her when I grew up. Still do. If you mean in my own stories, I'd have to say Rowena from my fairy tale. She's starts off being passive and shy, but by Book 2 she's the firecracker I've always wanted to be. 

Now that you know what my WIP is about, it's your turn! :D I tag two fellow writer friends, Tammy Theriault and Sarah Ahiers. Here are your ten questions:

1  Where did you find the inspiration for your WIP?
2  What is the setting and how important is it to the story?
3  What is your MC's most likable quality?
4  Does your MC prefer coffee or tea?
5  If you met your villain in real life, would you run away, slap him (or her), stop for a chat, or ask for his autograph? 
6  What are three words that best describe your MC?
7  If your MC could have anything in the world, what would it be?
8  What's your favorite line in the WIP so far?
9  What's the overall tone of the novel?
10 If you had to compare your novel to any fairy tale, what would it be and why? (Because you know I love fairy tales!) 

If you decide to take on the challenge too, be sure to leave a link in the comments. I want to read about your WIP too! 

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Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay! Thanks for the tag! It might be a week or so, though, before I get to it (because of some blogfests) And man, don't even get me started on how much I love Little Women (hint: it's a lot)