NaNoWriMo: Beat the Block

So you’ve been chug-a-lugging so far and now you’re stuck. You’re no longer flying through words, and your stamina is fading. So what do you do when you find yourself staring at the screen with no more words to write? Here’s a few tips I've learned over the years to beat the block:

• Create a new character. Sometimes an interesting new person in your novel will push the story forward and add additional interest.
• Browse Pinterest for inspiration. Maybe create a board?
• Skip around. You don't have to write a novel from beginning to end. Don’t know where you're going with this chapter? Move on to the next one.
• Which brings me to scene writing. Sometimes I don't know where I want to go with a novel but certain scenes are vivid in my mind, so I write those. Then I worry about how to put them together later. 
• If you're like me, you have several story ideas written in your dozens of pretty notebooks. Try weaving one of those stories into your current WIP. 
• Take a break. Sometimes your imagination fairy needs a day off. Do whatever relaxes you. 
• Get out of the house. Step away from the distractions of home and find solace in a coffee shop, library, or park.
• And if you still feel uninspired by this WIP, start another project. It’s okay, really. Not every story is meant to be finished, and you can always work on it later. Maybe your heart is simply pushing you to write something different. 

Remember, all words are good words in your first draft. Write just to write. There's no pressure. Set realistic goals and forgive yourself if you stray a bit. Writing shouldn't feel like a job as much as a passion. 

Write passionately and ignore word countsYou’re the only one who can tell your story, so despite what your stubborn character may try to convince you, he/she will wait. 

Happy writing!

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